Every actor has a shelf life, several stars who became superstars and reigned the hearts of millions fade away into oblivion as time passes. Stardom is temporary, and so is their career as an actor. The immense success they get and the wave of popularity they generate is used by brands and companies to pitch their products to the public. These companies use their names to boost their sales and make a considerable chunk of profit using their names. Once these actors turn old and become irrelevant, that’s when the problems began, and their sources of income become rare.

To protect the sources of income they made during their prime and to avoid exploitation of their name; many celebrities trademark their names and the catchphrases they made famous in the public so that their intellectual property remains safe and trademarking their names prevent people from using their names without their permission.

Taylor Swift has filed around 60 trademark applications in the past ten years. One of the most celebrated actors of her generation, Meryl Streep recently filed an application to trademark her name for the entertainment services she gave, her movie appearances, speaking engagements and autographs.

Bollywood actress Kajol in the year 2010 had run into trouble with the political party of Maharashtra Shiv Sena as a fake twitter id with her name tweeted some derogatory comments about the political party. The problem became severe as news channel ran reports on it on the basis of those tweets made. Ajay devgn Ffilms, the entertainment company owned by her husband and bollywood actor Ajay devgan then approached twitter and that was when the comments were deleted and the id was suspended.

Over the years, to prevent such misuse, Kajol has trademarked her name in various business categories that vary from telecommunications to broadcasting. Celebrities are getting aware of the pros of trademarking their names and the benefits that come with it. Yoga Guru and the face of Patanjali products Baba Ramdev has trademarked his names to prevent his name or picture to be misused by other ayurvedic brands and religious institutions.

Trademarking their names not only protects the brand identity of this celebs but also opens new sources of revenue for them.

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood who is a brand in himself allowed his name to be used by a perfume brand, hence increasing the overall increasing the brand value of the brand and his net worth.

In a country like India where celebrity worship is so common putting a value to the names of celebrities is impossible as it would be just a fraction of the total worth their name holds. One can find all the Indian Trademark details and data at QuickCompany.

Once Sanjeev Kapoor spotted a boy selling a book with the name Khazana of Chinese recipes with his picture on the cover, and at that time he had written just one book which was called Khazana of Indian recipes. The cover of both the books was the same, and so was his picture on them. At that time had he claimed a trademark infringement issue, it would have backfired as people misusing the name would have shot back at him saying, as per law what right he had on the name Sanjeev Kapoor.

Learning from the experience, his company has filed more than 100 trademark applications to save his intellectual property.

Using the name of a celebrity increases the visibility of a product or service. They gain proper traction and eyeballs which boosts their sales, and it creates an impression that the showcased star uses the advertised product or service. It is due to this reason, many fraud businessmen illegally use the name of a renowned celebrity without their permission to pitch their products. To prevent such malpractices from happening and to protect their goodwill and brand name, trademarking their names has become a must for celebrities.